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Lawn Renovation

Each and every lawn is different and will have its own particular problems that will need to be addressed. Once we determine those problems we will advise you on what needs to be done in order to restore your lawn back to its full, green potential. Whether the lawn just needs a weed control application, a heavy aeration or some over-seeding, we’ve got you covered. Lawns that might be just too far gone will need an entirely new installation of either sod or top soil and seed.

Why Sod?


Sod is the quickest way to establish a lawn on your property and in many cases the ideal option for a large area. Although sod is the more expensive route compared to top soiling and seeding, it will provide you with a lawn in the matter of hours which you can enjoy within a couple of weeks when it completely roots itself. The perfect sod variety is chosen for specific properties based on how sunny or shady an area is.

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Why Seed?

Top soiling and seeding is another option to establishing a lawn on your property. It is the longer route to take but a bit more affordable than that of installing sod. The right seed mixture will be chosen for your specific property as sun, shade, high foot traffic etc. will be taken into consideration. In some cases with seeding, another seed application may be needed in certain spots to ensure the grass grows in thick. Seeded lawns can take a few weeks to establish themselves thick enough to be walked and played upon.

Why Aerate...and When?


Lawn aeration is one of the most simple and most beneficial things that can be done to a lawn. The process of removing plugs from the soil is extremely important to ensure your lawn continues to thrive year after year. Aerating allows for better air circulation down in the soil and helps water and nutrients penetrate deeper into the soil. This process will aide in promoting deeper lawn roots which means a strong and much healthier lawn. The best time for aerating is in the fall months for cool season grasses (bluegrass, fescue, rye), when the weather cools down, you're seeing that morning dew and the seed isn't competing with weeds anymore.

Signs You Need to Aerate:

  • Grass is thinning out

  • Lawn discoloration

  • Water puddling

  • Worn areas/patches

  • Yard not growing

  • It's FALL!

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