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Property Maintenance
Residential - Commercial

Our property maintenance services:

  • *Weekly lawn maintenance programs

  • Hedge/shrub trimming

  • Pruning

  • Core aeration

  • Thatching

  • Annual Flower Install Programs

  • Mulch installation

  • Parking lot maintenance

  • Mulch bed weed control

*Weekly Lawn Maintenance
We offer monthly Lawn Maintenance programs to keep your property looking clean and presentable.  Baker Bros. uses the best maintenance equipment in the industry to ensure that your property is done both efficiently and safely.


Mulch Installations

The benefits of adding mulch to your plant beds

is to not only add that pop of color but to also help

keep down on weed growth and help retain moisture

for the plants within those beds.

There are quite a few options to choose from with mulch:

  • Black Dyed

  • Brown Dyed

  • Red Dyed

  • Playground

  • Cedar

  • Hardwood


Annual Color/Flower Programs

As the seasons change during the course of the year, as to must the annual flowers throughout your plant beds. We put together a plan for your beds that we like to refer to as our ‘Annual Color’ program which in a plan built to your preference as well as our recommendations. Every couple of months we will visit your property to install a round of flowers that are specific to that time of the season. Generally we will visit 4 times from April into November to install a variety of colorful flowers.

1st Install – Variety of Annuals

2nd Install -Variety of Annuals

3rd Install – Mums (colorful assortment)

4th Install –  Kale and/or Cabbage (pictured)

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